Thursday, May 28, 2015

Picking The Right Farrier School

A farrier is a craftsman who trims and shoes' horses hooves '; they are specialists who work with the horses balancing and individualized horseshoes. In places like the United Kingdom, an individual must pass a regulated government exam in order to be legally considered a farrier and carry out farrier services for the general public. In the United States however, there is no government sponsored legal certification required to become a farrier, and specific/unified requirements don't really exist, but there are several large groups whom have created voluntary certification groups for farriers that have become widely recognized. In addition to these large certification groups such as the American Farrier's Association (AFA) there are dozens of classes available across the U.S for people to train and become farriers.

 There are many popular farrier programs in the United States, they have been offering various horseshoeing classes for years. Some schools offer weekend classes or 12, 24, or 36 week courses with small classes, and apprenticeship opportunities upon completion. Also among the most popular and top rated farrier programs  Schools, some operate like a standard college campus, offering dorm rooms and meals. They offer  4, 8, and 12 week courses complete with several available apprenticeships. The prices for these courses are pretty similar; a 4 week course costs about $4,000, and 8 week course costs about $8,000. The dorm rooms and meals are included in this cost, which is partly why they are  such a popular program. There are also weekend schools. For the person that doesn't have as much time time to learn. You can learn just as much at the right weekend class as far less expensive as the normal school. Search on the internet to find the the best horseshoeing school  for you.

The Montana State University College of Agriculture also offers state of the art farrier courses which are included in a 16-week all-inclusive program. Montana State University offers a highly dynamic and professional program that is designed for those with a farrier career in mind. The price is comparable to that of 16 weeks at an American public University. These farrier classes and others like them are widely available all over the country and generally last between 4 and 20 weeks. The length is dependent on the level of skill, dynamic education, and available time an individual desires. Most courses available aim to provide students with solid backgrounds, intense skill, and the knowledge required to pass the American Farrier's Association exam, which is widely seen as the common standard in the United States. The general salary of an AFA certified U.S. based farrier is about $22,000. Classes are offered year round and for those who plan on making horseshoeing a career, these classes and passing the AFA exam are a must.

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